Did you ‘Define your Audience’ before your selected your store Tote bag

Sure you need a bag for your store. Every store has a tote bag so you have to have one too. And plastic bags are on their way out. So lets call our supplier and get one. Here are a few choice sent by our bag supplier. This tote bag sample looks good and is cheap too. Send him your store logo. Order final and lets wait for the bags to come. Now lets hope that customers stop asking for the plastic bags and start using this new tote bag we got them.

Perfect recipe that works for other merchandise you order for your store but not for Tote Bags. Tote Bags are a very personal accessory and people use it to express themselves. More than expression, a tote bag choice is a matter of comfort. And a lot of other complexities that go into making your store customers pick their next tote bag.

Define your Tote Bag Audience 

Defining a target audience is a very basic business practice for any sort of product or service that your business offers. Same goes for your Store Tote Bag selection as well. The process is very exhaustive for this blog post. Here are the summary of a  few key steps:

1. Describe your customer: Who they are?

As much detailed as possible for the following:

  • Age/gender etc
  • Income Profile
  • Fashion Style Profile
  • Vehicle Profile – walking, transit or car truck
  • Coming after work and looking for dinner options
  • Lunch shopping
  • Personality, Values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles

2. What makes your customers take a decision to buy their Tote Bag

Is it the sale price that motivates them? Or the style of the Tote Bag. The Slogan or design that helps them express themselves.

3. Pressing issues or solution your customers desire

This could determine the features of your tote bag. Your customers might want a small to medium bag because they find the large bag too large for carrying to their work. Your customers might want a tote bag that is environmentally friendly.

4. Identify the Store Placement opportunities

How do you communicate to your customers that the solution to their issues does exist and you have them in stock. How do you customers get their info? A well experimented Tote Bag placement makes a huge difference.

5. Ask them

Most stores never ask their customers about how they feel about their tote bag. Do that! It is that simple. Both before and after!



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