Laundry Care Instructions for Burlap Bags and Canvas Bags

Wash care instructions for Cotton Canvas Tote

Water based Screen Printed Canvas Tote bags:

Oil based Screen Printed Canvas Tote bags:

Canvas Tote bags can come in various styles and require different Laundry care. Please refer to the Bag Label Inside for the Canvas Tote laundry Care Instructions.

Wash care instructions for Jute Tote

Jute Fabric is very resistant to dirt. So you don’t need to wash it from outside. In case of any marks etc please do the spot cleaning.

Inside of most of our Jute Tote Bags, there is a LDPE food grade liner. We recommend you can use a wet cloth to clean the inside liner regularly. If you wish you can dry clean the Jute Tote at your favourite Dry Cleaning Service.

Spot cleaning with a wet cloth works best for Jute Bags with inside Liner

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