Tote Bag Supplier – What customers want to see in your cotton bags


Tote Bag Suppliers must be able to provide the certification or clearly describe how your Cotton Bags meets the certifications:

✓ B Corp Certified
✓ Rainforest Alliance Certified
✓ Certified Organic
✓ Non-GMO Project Verified
✓ Fair Trade Certified
✓ Green Circle Certified

If you have another environmental certification that is not in the above list please highlight it to your customers.  Customers now more than ever, want Cotton Bags with certifications.



Human Relationship with Ancient Fabrics

Our relationship with Ancient Fabrics like Jute, Cotton, Hemp, Silk, Wool, Flax, Burlap go a long back. Possibly as back as thousands of years when we were just learning basic things about our environment.

These Natural Fibers where the first fabrics that human started to wear. Except for the last fifty or hundred years we have only worn these Ancient Fabrics. Our skin recognizes the touch of these fabrics and this experience goes very deep in comforting us. Both physically and emotionally.

The new synthetic fabrics we have created are very functional. But it the touch of luxury and soothing comfort that we miss in these synthetic fabrics.

For fashion also, the Ancient Fabrics are one of the best.  These natural fabrics are much more versatile in simulating our creative fashion experience. Designers, Manufacturers (producing Apparel, Accessories, Homefurnishings, other Sewn Products), plus Private Label Retailers, Fabric Stores, Event/Party Planners and everyone loves the Natural Ancient Fabrics for fashion products.

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