Saving and Relieving a Seal with plastic wrapped around its head.

This  definitely looks like something that came off a fishing boat . A lot of the ocean pollution comes from fishing boats tossing off their useless gear or from losing it. A large portion of this plastic pollution can be prevented with awareness and will.

Most people think that most plastic waste in the ocean comes from the fishing industry. But this is not the reality. A majority of the plastic pollution is actually the regularly used home products and plastic bags. This stuff actually gets carried away from Land to the Ocean along with the river water.

How can we pretend that humanity isn’t causing negative impacts on the environment of our planet. Global Warming may be controversial but the Plastic pollution is not. We really need to start considering our overall habits well when trying to cut the plastic consumption. Any we need to ask ourselves why does a seal have to live with this kind of thing tied to them? Why does an innocent animal have to suffer from our Plastic Addition.


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