Shipping and Delivery Information for our Burlap Bags and Canvas Bags

For order with under 500 Jute Tote Bags or Canvas Tote Bags

For Orders under 500 Jute Tote Bags or Canvas Totes, we deliver them by FedEx. The Burlap bags are a heavy material. Usually the packing is 50 bags per box. The Canvas Bags also come in 50 per box. In case you need a special packing please do communicate to us. We will be more than happy to assist.

Most of the time shipping charges are included in the prices we provide you for the bags. In case there is any extra shipping charges they will be clearly communicate to you. To make it easy for you we usually provide our All Inclusive pricing for Jute Bags and Canvas Bags. The All inclusive price includes the Delivery and the Setup changes and the Printing of your design. So you know there are no surprises later on.

Many of our new customers ask us again and again if this is the final price. Because they suspect that there are some hidden charges that will come on later. At Bombay Bags we hate it when someone does that to us. We certainly want to make the pricing very transparent for our customers. And our customers just love it!

For Order with over 500 Burlap Bags or Cotton Canvas Bags we have two main options for larger Tote Bag orders:

75-90 Days shipping for Tote bags:
This is our standard shipping for large orders. The Shipping cost is always included in the price quote provided. The Local Delivery is usually not included in the tote bag price provided.

Expedited Air Cargo Shipping for Tote Bags:
In case of a large Tote bag order, the shipping by Fedex can raise the cost very high. So we provide you the expedited air cargo shipping. The price for the air cargo shipping may or may not be included in the bag price. We generally want to include the air cargo shipping in the price so that it is easier for the customers to calculate their total cost. But sometimes it is important that we break it up so that the customers can weigh their shipping options. In any case the costs are clearly communicated to the customers. We dont want to leave any room for any later surprises for our customers. And this helps you to plan your budget effectively.

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