How is our Production Process different from other Promotional Tote Bag Suppliers?

Most of the Promotional Tote Suppliers don’t make their own bags. They generally really on a third party Tote Bag Manufacturer. They buy bulk Plain Jute Tote Bags, Jute Wine Bags and Canvas Bags from these manufactures. And then when a customer wants a Promotional Tote, they print their logo on the Plain Totes they have in inventory and ship them.   We at Bombay Bags make our own bags. And that’s all we do. We make Tote Bags. This kind of specialization has given us unique understanding of the Tote bag consumers mind.   When a customer orders the Tote Bags from us, at that time we get the fabric ready, Cut the fabric pieces for making bags and Print their design and then make the Tote Bags. Whereas most other promo product suppliers are printing on the pre made Tote bags.    

What are the printing restrictions on Tote Bags?

Since our Jute Bags and Canvas Totes are not made in advance, we offer various high quality printing options. And don’t make any restrictions regarding the Bag Printed area. We can print on the Top, we can print on the Bag Handles, we can print on the Bag Gusset and we can print on the Bag Bottom and we can even print inside. We can print anywhere and in any style you have in mind. So let lose your creativity and go wild! 

Quality Optimized Production Process for High Quality Jute Tote bags and Canvas Bags

What is the other value addition we do to your Tote Bag?

At Bombay Bags we specialize in making Jute Tote Bags, Canvas Bags, Jute Wine Bags. We make bags that function as Grocery Bags, Shopping Totes and general use Tote Bags.   Out goal is to make your bag into a very successful product. So that your customers are also happy carrying your bag around.   We can suggest you a bag style for your event. We can provide you feedback on your print design. We can help you develop a design for your Tote Bag. You can consult us for any of your bag needs. And we will help you selecting and getting a bag that will contribute to your successful customer campaign.  

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