Fabric Weight Chart

GSM to OZ Conversion

g/m²(gsm) oz/yd² Fabric Weight
width 150 cm per meter running length
50 1.47 75
60 1.77 90
70 2.06 105
80 2.36 120
90 2.65 135
100 2.95 150
110 3.24 165
120 3.54 180
130 3.83 195
140 4.13 210
150 4.42 225
160 4.72 240
170 5.01 255
180 5.31 270
190 5.6 285
200 5.9 300
210 6.19 315
220 6.49 330
230 6.78 345
240 7.08 360
250 7.37 375
260 7.67 390
270 7.96 405
280 8.26 420
290 8.55 435
300 8.85 450
310 9.14 465
320 9.44 480
330 9.73 495
340 10.03 510
350 10.32 525

Weight Chart for Cotton Canvas Fabric

Cotton Canvas Popular Name Features
2 ozCottonVery thin. Can be used for newspaper bags etc.
4 ozCottonIt is a thin material but also the most popular for making cheap cotton bags
6 ozCotton4oz and 6oz is less distinguishable. So sometimes it makes sense to go for a cheaper 4oz material
8 ozCanvasLess popular than 10oz canvas for making bags
10 ozCanvasMost popular for making Canvas Tote Bags of high quality. This canvas should last years and after a few washes looks even better. 
12 ozCanvasEven more stronger than 10oz. Excellent for making more finished looking Canvas bags.
14 ozCanvasVery popular for Fashion Tote bags
16 ozCanvasVery popular for Fashion Tote bags
18 ozCanvasVery popular for Fashion Tote bags

Weight Chart for Jute Fabric

Burlap, sack cloth, hessian or Jute these are different name of the same fabric. Jute Fabric comes in many different variation. There are generally three Grades of Jute fabric

Fabric Mesh / Strands Description Uses
11/12 More useful for Gardening or Packing
12/13 More useful for Gardening or Packing
13/13 (12oz)13 strands by 13 strands in one inchThis is the most popular Jute fabric for making Light Weight Tote Bags
13/14 Less popular for Tote bags Making
14/15 (16oz)14 strands by 15 strands in one inchHigh Quality fabric for durable and good looking fashion bags
15/16. Less popular for Tote bags Making
17/17 (20oz)17 strands by 17 strands in one inchMore useful for Fashion Tote Bags for its finer looks

At Bombay Bags we use only the 14/15 Jute fabric for our Jute Tote Bags

At Bombay Bags we use only the 14/15 Jute fabric for the Grocery, Shopping and Promotional Bags. This is the best Jute variety for quality looks and durability. The 13/13 fabric is cheaper but it is too thin and can not retain its bag shape for more than a few uses. The Screen Printing on 14/15 Jute is also much better in appearance.

Fabric Weight Chart for Non Woven Fabric

Non Woven is a Petroleum product that is not environment friendly. The non woven products don’t decompose in the land fills just like plastic does not decompose. But since the non woven bags are reusable they are still considered as eco friendly bags. We at Bombay Bags don’t encourage the use of the Non Woven fiber. Because of its super low fashion appeal and also it is not suitable for environment. Many counties around the world have already initiated procedures to ban or discourage non woven material.

The best advantage of non-woven fiber is that it is very cheap. And also since it is a plastic material it does have some water resistance abilities.

Non Woven fabric comes in 10gsm to 150gsm. 70-120 gsm is the popular fabric weight for non woven material. Most of the grocery bags sold in stores are made of 70-80gsm.

BOMBAY BAGS only uses the Non Woven Fabric for the Cooler Bags / Insulated bags for frozen foods. For any other use we have stopped using the Non Woven bags.

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