Design and Tote Bag Mockup finalisation before you print the bags

A Tote bag is a great way to promote your business. A good tote bag for your business is the one that is carefully selected for your Businesses’ customers in mind. One of the most important aspects of the tote bag selection process is the careful targeting of the customer demography  And once you have narrowed down your choices, now you need to get started on the next step – finalising the print design.

The print design decision is primarily driven by the Tote Bag selection itself. The Tote Bag Size, Bag Shape, Bag Fabric and Bag Colour are the four main things that the print design has to balance. The limiting parameter of the design selection is your existing business logo or branding scheme. No design that confirms your existing Brand Design philosophy or any documented branding guidelines is a complete no-no.

Once the creatives provide you various design options, your next step is to put them on the bag and create a Bag mockup. It is good idea to create as many Bag mockups as possible to account for each and every good bag idea. Photoshop is a great tool for creating Bag Mockups.

The best thing about the Bag Mockups is that they dont cost much to make and take almost no time. But these mockups help you make a very educated decision. Before you commit your investment to a bag you need to make sure that you are making a bag that is the best looking bag for your business. Because guess what – ‘A bag that is not so well presented will not get picked up when the time comes’.

At Bombay Bags we always make multiple mockups for our customers so they can make the best decision in the interest of their business. Also in case of the complicated designs or if we are not sure about the customer expectations or the our customers wants to make double sure, we even provide you a printed prototype. The Printed Protypes cost a lot of time and money but it is well worth in some cases. We have seen many many designs undergo changes after the Prototype has been printed. A successful Bag Mockup strategy can help you avoid any potential losses and also help your customers get a bag that they would love to carry around!










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