Superior Jute Fabric – Used by Bombay Bags

What is Jute Fabric?

Jute is also known as Burlap or Hessian in North America. It is a rain fed crop that producers Jute fibers just like cotton. Jute fabric is used in Packing, Furniture making, Carpet Backing and other Industrial products. Jute is very popular for fashion products also. Jute fabric is used for making Tote bags, fashion accessories, Crafts and also becoming popular for wearable clothing.
Organic cotton must be grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

How is Jute Different from Cotton?

Other than how jute fabrics feel and look differently from Cotton Fabric there are three main differences:

How Jute is grown: Jute plant is a rain fed crop. It is not prone to pests and does not require much fertilizers. So unlike cotton Jute does not need any insecticide, pesticide and fertilizers. In fact most farmers plant Jute as a crop in between their main cash crop cycles because Jute plan helps the soil regain its nutrients.

How Jute fibers are processed: Cotton fiber staples are very small in their natural form. So to make the long threads out of cotton staples, they need to go through the chemical bleaching process. Jute staples are very long in their natural form when they are harvested from the Jute Plant. So they don’t need any Chemical Bleaching. And are ready for weaving them into a Jute Fabric without the need of any kind of chemical treatment.

How Jute Fabric is dyed: Jute fabric is very easy to dye. The chemicals dyes used in the process are minimal. Again, the most popular Jute colour is its natural colour, which does not require any kind of dying itself.

Is Jute fabric Environment Friendly?

Jute Fabric requires minimal chemical usage from the growth to the processing of the Jute fabric. It has the least environmental impact on the ecosystem of the place it is grown. This makes Jute one of the most eco friendly natural fibers in the world today. It is a 100% bio degradable fabric. This makes it a popular choice for Sustainable Fashion products. In fact Jute is the most Sustainable Fashion Fabric in the market today.

Is Jute fine for people with Allergies?
Jute fabric requires minimal chemical treatments. Therefore it is very popular among people with skin allergies.

What kind Jute fabric does the Bombay Bags Use?

Bombay Bags is committed to providing its customers the best in the class Jute Fabric. The Jute fabric we use is a high quality Jute fabric that is specially made for fashion products. As compared to many cheap bag makers we only use the High Quality Golden Colour Fibers. And the 14/15 strand Jute Fabric. The golden fibers greatly enhance the look and feel of the fabric. The Jute fabric used for industrial packaging has a dull colour and cheaper. But for natural colour Tote Bags the fabric does look cheap.

The Fabric we use is specially made for the Fashion products on German Loom Machines. Also, the 14/15 stands make the fabric last longer and retain its new looks. And the Screen Printing also holds well for a very long period of usage.

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