Recently, the number of people over the age of 64 officially eclipsed the number under the age of 5. This is the first time in history of our planet, that this happened.

It is a big deal – we have now more older people than younger people by age.

There is a second kind of ageing that is also happening around us. The pollution that we are creating is adding up incrementally. The rivers, oceans, mountains, fields and forests, everything is slowly adding up layers of the waste generated by Humans.

Along with the Aging People we also need to take care of our Aging Planet

As we humans expand the quality living standard to the poor population, the pressure on the planet is only going to go up. There are three options before humanity:
1. Let the people remain poor so we generate less pollution – an evil idea
2. Keep expanding our living standards like we are doing today and hope that nature will take care of the planet on its own – ignorance and criminal
3. Focus our energy equally on the Renewal of the Planet and Expansion of the Living Standards – Creative, Responsible and Rewarding

We as Human Beings have the power to make it happen – what ever we focus on.

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