How to spot clean Canvas Tote Bags

This is the Part-1 of the searies on How to Wash your Canvas Tote bags.

Canvas bags are usually made of natural cotton canvas. Washing the cotton canvas tote bags is never as straightforward as we wash our usual clothing. What do you do if you have to wash your totebags?

It is the best practice to avoid washing your Natural Cotton Tote bag as much as you can.

It is true that we see washing as an easy option – a one solution for all. That is what we do with our regular clothing too. Little do we realize that washing is the number one reason for the wear and tear of our clothing and tote bags. No we are not suggesting you to carry around your bag in that **** look. But think carefully is washing your only option.

Spot clean your Cotton Canvas Tote Bag when possible

A lot of times spot cleaning can fix your bag. Spot cleaning is very quick and easy but does require some more effort than just throwing your bag in the washer. But it does not do any damage to your bag in almost all the situations. Your bag can retain its new and crisp look after a spot clean. And also fixes the issue effectively.

How to spot clean your Canvas Tote bag:

Here are the steps to spot clean your Cotton Canvas bag:
1. Get some cold water in a large container.
2. Hold your bag carefully and squeeze the bag cloth area that needs cleaning
3. Soak the squeezed cloth in the cold water.
4. After that area is wet, apply some soap on that spot.
5. Make sure you use very gentle and non-alkaline soap only
6. Rub that area very gentry with another soft cotton cloth (preferably white natural cotton piece)
7. Rubbing will massage the dirty spot on the bag with soap
8. Once you feel that spot has disappeared or become very light you can stop rubbing
9. Don’t form too much soap form and don’t let the soap form spread to other parts of the bag that don’t need any cleaning
10. Also, make sure that the spot remains enough wet (not drenched) during rubbing – this will remove the dirt quickly and also help generate some soap form and also protect your bag from friction from the rubbing
11. Depending on what has caused the dirt, it may disappear completely by rubbing. Or it may become very light. Sometimes rubbing does not clear it completely and you have to let the cloth dry out for it to disappear completely
12. Once you feel that it is time to stop rubbing – now it is time to remove the soap.
13. Again squeeze the bag area and dip it in the cold water.
14. Stroke the water and or move the squeezed cloth in the water very gently. Do it a few times to get rid of the soap on the bag fabric
15. Most Imp – Don’t squeeze the bag fabric too tight to get rid of the excess water
16. Now it is time to dry your bag – dry it flat – lay it on a surface flat and leave it. Don’t dry it in sun – dry only in shade
17. Once dried – depending on how much wrinkles are there, you can apply the front corners of the very-low-warmed iron only on the affected area (don’t apply the iron to whole bag)
18. Some wrinkles can flatten out on their own just by using the bag for a few days

You must be thinking that why we did such a detailed account of the Canvas Bag spot cleaning. My Mom, who knows it all, has destroyed a few of my bags with her methods. So I created this step by step instructions. Not that she is very good at following instructions but it still is helpful. But to tell you a secret I still have not shared these instructions with her. It is so much fun to let her destroy my bag and then I can have a word with her. You think it is wicked – I think it is.

Please leave your comments how you liked this. Or you may have found a better way of doing this that might help others.

The part -2 will focus on washing the bag when spot cleaning does not work.

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