One Million Species Could Go Extinct: How long can Human Beings survive

According to the recent study over one million species face the threat of extinction from our planet right now. Already a lot of species have gone the Dodo way.

If one million Species are going to go extinct then how long can we as Humans survive?

Human as a word means to be kind and caring. It is not funny that this is not true. And actually works exactly opposite to what it means.

Our ways of life, how we produce food and consume energy and plunder the environment is endangering the very existence of these million species. We release waste like it will disappear. But we also know that it does not go anywhere.

The Planet’s Bio Diversity is what sustains us at a very deep level. It is not just mandatory for the physical balance of our food chain. But also the very foundation of our Ancestral Mind which has evolved over years. And is very much connected and interdependent for survival, growth and enjoyment. It is only in the science fiction movies that Humans can survive on a ship for hundreds of years – all by themselves. Becasue the realty is that we cannot. It is just not possible to live without this other half of ours.

Watch the Video and Read more here on the Time Website

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