Balancing the Print Design of the Tote Bag

The Design you print on the Tote Bags is the most important element of the Tote Bags. We at Bombay Bags have experienced this year after year in our business. Infact we tell our clients it is finally the Design you choose for printing that is going to make their bag a successful business project.

Print Design for the Tote bags has to balance a lot of elements. It is much more complex that printing on tshirts. The most important element of the design is the design itself. The shapes and text in design has to complement each other. Secondly it has to be catchy and attractive enough but not tacky. Or the people would not like to use it often.

Second most important thing in the Tote Bag design is the choice of design colours. The colours have to be harmony. And also the colours have to be in harmony with the shade and colour of the fabric. A bit different shade of the same colour can make a big noticeable difference on the Bag fabric. The choice of colours has also to take into account the fabric texture and how much of the fabric strands are far apart or smooth. The design that looks great on the Canvas style fabric may not look the best on cotton fabric. And also the material of the fabric is important. For Organic Cotton Fibers have a smooth feel with small seed particles. And Jute Fabric is a bit coarse and looks more natural.

How about the shape and the size of the tote bag? You got it. And the length of the handles and the style of the handles. How about the style of printing screen printing vs digital printing vs heat transfer etc etc. It does not stop here. List is long and goes on.

A successful Tote bag design is a work of art. You have to be not afraid of experimenting. Experience does make things easy. Our experienced team at Bombay Bags is here to help you. Just ask us!

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