Burlap Bag Vs Canvas Bag -which one to choose

It gets to a point where it is really hard to decide. Burlap Bags and Cotton Canvas bags both look great. And both have their own advantages over the other. In this post we shall  not compare the both feature by feature. We will look at the suitability of the both for various uses.

Free Promotional Tote giveaway :

Jute Bags or Burlap bags as they are more popularly known as in USA and Canada, are great for promotions. But they tend to be heavy and bulky and may also be more expensive. So if you are thinking of a free give away bag that is cheap, then Burlap bag may not be ideal for you.

Fund Raising Tote Bag

What if you want to do a fund raising and want to give away a bag to the people who donate to your cause. Hell yes! This is the bag for you! People will appreciate the quality and the value of the Burlap Bag. They will recognize it as an pricey item and not some cheap trick. People will keep this bag and are highly likely to carry it around while shopping around, grocery trips, to the library or to the beach. And if they have a loved one they are more then likely to give to them as their personal appreciation gift. 

Tote Bags for a Fan Store Merchandise

Canvas Bags are great Tote bags for a Fan Store Merchandise. Burlap Bag can work great as well but Canvas Bags are just more popular as a Fan Merchandise Bag. Why is that? You will have to do a University Design Program to fully understand that. In simple words that is how it is.

Not convinced! Ok here it is for you – Canvas Bags are just more versatile in every way including greater printing options. And also the Canvas bags offer greater quality bandwidth. You can go for a very basic quality Canvas tote which retails around $5 or choose to go for a high quality Canvas Tote that goes around $100 or more. And so many different price points in between. Hows that now!

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