It is a political slogan? Is it a news byte? It is a dream for millions of Human Beings living on our planet today. Every body calls it differently. But the goal in our hearts is united. How do we do that? What can we do? What does this mean? Where do we start? Any small thing I could do today that takes us closer to achieving this? Taking a moment to ask ourselves some inconvenient questions can do a great help! There are some of the questions we need to ask ourselves. We all have enough knowledge and information. But even putting a deep thought on these questions tell us what we need to do. At Bombay Bags we believe there are four things we need to do quickly. We love to hear your thoughts on this and then we will update this post to add more details. Control Pollution and Waste that are impacting our environment Make Earth safe for all the living Species on Earth and not just Humans Greater collaboration across the Globe to fight out any natural disasters and pandemics Treat people all over the world as people and not as Machines


Recently, the number of people over the age of 64 officially eclipsed the number under the age of 5. This is the first time in history of our planet, that this happened. It is a big deal – we have now more older people than younger people by age. There is a second kind of ageing that is also happening around us. The pollution that we are creating is adding up incrementally. The rivers, oceans, mountains, fields and forests, everything is slowly adding up layers of the waste generated by Humans. Along with the Aging People we also need to take care of our Aging Planet As we humans expand the quality living standard to the poor population, the pressure on the planet is only going to go up. There are three options before humanity:1. Let the people remain poor so we generate less pollution – an evil idea2. Keep expanding our living standards like we are doing today and hope that nature will take care of the planet on its own – ignorance and criminal3. Focus our energy equally on the Renewal of the Planet and Expansion of the Living Standards – Creative, Responsible and Rewarding We as Human …


One Million Species Could Go Extinct: How long can Human Beings survive

According to the recent study over one million species face the threat of extinction from our planet right now. Already a lot of species have gone the Dodo way. If one million Species are going to go extinct then how long can we as Humans survive? Human as a word means to be kind and caring. It is not funny that this is not true. And actually works exactly opposite to what it means. Our ways of life, how we produce food and consume energy and plunder the environment is endangering the very existence of these million species. We release waste like it will disappear. But we also know that it does not go anywhere. The Planet’s Bio Diversity is what sustains us at a very deep level. It is not just mandatory for the physical balance of our food chain. But also the very foundation of our Ancestral Mind which has evolved over years. And is very much connected and interdependent for survival, growth and enjoyment. It is only in the science fiction movies that Humans can survive on a ship for hundreds of years – all by themselves. Becasue the realty is that we cannot. It is just …

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