Difference between a Canvas Bag and a Good Quality Canvas Bag

There are many Canvas Bags options and Canvas Bag Suppliers available on the market. It is easy to find a Canvas bag that can fit your size and colour requirement. But did you also know that not all the Tote Bags are created equal! And there can be a huge quality difference between two canvas bags with identical specs.

Not all the Tote Bags are created equally!

There are multiple reasons for this Tote Bag Quality difference. Here are a few of them:

Tote Bag Fabrication Craftsmanship – 40%

One of the major reasons is that making Tote bags is a very labour intensive work. Most of the Tote bags we use here in Canada and USA are made in Asia. Although some of the tote bags are now starting to come from Africa also.  China, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam together hold more than 80% market share among them. The reason is Asia has a large supply of available employees to complete this task.

The first step of bag making needs an experienced and highly skilled master craftsman to set up the sample framework and complete the fabric cutting. After that the real work of assembling or stitching these fabric pieces to bags begins. In any Tote bag making process, the bulk of work is in this fabrication process and most people in the tote bag manufacturing factory are engaged doing this work. The fabrication work is not overtly complex just more time consuming repetitive work.

The  Fabrication craftsmanship is a major cost component in the Tote Bag. And there is a lot of room to accelerate the stitching work to complete a certain number of bags each day.  After a certain point the increased bag production per person will reduce the quality of fabrication. The lower costs of the tote bag with reduced quality are totally worth it and it is for the customers to decide.

At Bombay Bags, our customers want us to continuously focus on the quality. Because the bag users are highly unlikely to reuse the low quality bags. Also, we want to make sure that the people who make these bags have a little balance in their work life.

Quality of Materials – 30%

The second main reason for the poor quality of the bags is the inferior quality of the bag materials. This includes the quality of the bag fabric and the quality of the printing dyes.

A high quality dye may look just as good as a poor quality dye. The quality of printing dyes may not always be distinguishable to the bag consumer. The way to know is sending the sample to the lab for testing. The Good quality dyes are many times more expensive than the poor quality dyes. There are many dyes that may still be legal in some countries (USA and Canada) but are already banned in Europe. Europe has the best standards when it comes to safety regulations for any materials that comes in contact with human beings. It has been seen that Canada is often a little slow in these matters of consumer safety. And USA is even more slower.

At Bombay Bags we make sure that not only is our dye material in compliance with all the regulations in Canada and USA, but also comply with the European regulations. We want to be doubly sure that anything we use is absolutely safe for our patrons. If anything is questionable we just stay away from it.

Fabric Quality is the other bag material that a Tote bag manufacturer has to decide on in terms of Tote quality. Not all the 10oz cotton canvas is same quality. There are fabric lots that are cheaper because they are old stock or leftovers or just B quality. Our customers demand us to make them a high quality Tote and depend on our discretion to make the best decisions for them. Other than that, there is nothing more dampening than working with something that does not bring out our best passions.

The quality of other bag materials like laminate quality can be a significant factor. And so are the bag fittings and accessories.

Bag Creative – 30%

Some of our team members at Bombay Bags  would argue that bag creative should be rated at 90% as a factor that can make or break a bag. Saying that won’t be an understatement. But does not use expert advice in the Bag Creative?

The tote bag creative covers the Bag Shape, Size, Style, Choice of colours and Fabric. And also includes the Tote Bag print design. A lot of our customers are not specialist on designing Tote Bags, so they come up with some ides from their imagination and put it together. We at Bombay Bags actively provide our expert opinions, advice and assistance free of charge so that your bags look absolutely great! And your customers love to carry your tote bags around!




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