Bleach White Cotton Canvas Vs Natural Cotton Canvas

Picture talks better than words. Seeing is really what will make sense in this case.

There are three main differnces:

  1. Look and feel: The bleach white looks very clean and like it says ‘ bleach white’. Where as the Natural Cotton canvas looks a bit pale. The natural Cotton Canvas will have some black materials built into the fabric and they will look like some tiny black spots on the fabric. These are the cotton seeds in the fabric. The Bleach process removes the cotton seeds so the Bleach white cotton canvas does not have there tiny spots.

    The natural canvas also feels more raw and thicker than the bleached canvas. The Bleach white cotton canvas feels more fine and even.
  2. Printing: The bleach white is great for digital printing. Especially with designs that have very intricate designs will lots of thin elements the bleach white fabric will make them look clear and visible with min distorting.

    The Natural Cotton Canvas is great for both screen printing and digital printing. But due to its own tan colour it can sometimes suppress small print elements from the digital printing. Also the black seed spots can also distort some intricate designs. At the same time, these black spots can also lend themselves to some designs very well and can make them look very classy and artistic.
  3. Environment friendliness: On the scale of things related to environment friendliness the Natural Cotton Canvas obviously does better than the bleach white. The Bleach white fabric has goes through a chemical bleach process to come out as bleach white. Usually these chemicals are going back to our water bodies that includes rivers, oceans. We humans have destroyed our environment with the scientific powers we have gained through our intelligence. But still bleach white is a thousand time better than plastic. But only if the bag is used and cuts down the use of plastic. If the bag is not used, then it does not matter if the bag is bleach white or natural; because then both are just equally bad for our environment.

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