Insulated Lunch Tote Bags for Food stores

Bombay Bags is introducing a new collection of high quality and stylish Lunch Tote Bags. These bags combine Style+Function which is our foundation philosophy at Bombay Bags. STYLE + FUNCTION Our Customers want convenience of keeping their food warm while taking their lunch to work or bringing take out from their favorite Pantry. Keeping food warm without the bulk of a Insulation box, in the Tote Format is a very attractive proposition. The bag is easy to fold when not in use. The bag itself is a quality product and durable as well. QUALITY THAT IS SO VISIBLE WHEN YOU HOLD THE INSULATED LUNCH TOTE But what really stands it apart from the other Insulated Tote bags is that style appeal. The Quilted pattern imparts a very sleek feel to the bags. This makes the bag look very high quality product as compared to the price offering. The feel of the product in hand is great. And so is the Style Statement of this Insulated Lunch Tote. THE PERFECT SIZE The Size is perfectly designed that you can stack most of the Food Take out boxes and small pizza boxes flat. This means you can carry a lot of food …

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H-E-B Selena tote bag

How Grocery Tote Bags created a successful event!

H-E-B is a Texas based Grocery store chain. In March 2019 hey launched their Grocery Tote Bags with pop star Selena’s pic. These bags were so successful that H-E-B decided to go for a second round.  The first round bags were very regular kind of $2 recycled plastic Grocery Tote bags that people put on resale for $100 on ebay. So it definitely made sense for the grocery chain to go in for the second round. In the second round they used a different strategy though. They planned the launch of their Grocery Tote Bags tied in to the in-store events in their grocery stores. This pulled a great amount of traffic into their stores. And also received a lot of local media coverage. Tote Bags are a great product for any store marketing. When you celebrate your own Tote Bags and launch them in a big way they make a big splash across the community. And people in the neighborhood notice them and these tote bags provide great Street Marketing. This also helps your customers love your bags and they will then remember to bring back their grocery totes to the store for shopping!