The Impact of Lock down on Environment

The unprecedented wave of Covid 19 has disrupted the normalcy of the world to the maximum extent – a major crisis that has essentially crushed millions of lives all over the world. The fatality rate has increased so much in the year 2020 and in the first half of 2021 that without having any remedy to cure the deadly malady, the world has come to a standstill. Due to lock down, imposed by most of the of the countries of the world to save millions of lives from catastrophe.

There has been a drastic sea-change in the sphere of economy – less production, scarcity of food supply and other impediments have shatter the iota of human existence, and still it is difficult to say when the stability will be restored.

During the lockdown a drastic reduction of NO2 presence in the air has been observed and that made the quality of air unexpectedly better than it used to be.

The advantages in the sphere of environment during Lockdown:

  • Several aspects of environment such as air, water noise pollution and waste management during Lock down have decreased drastically.
  • Smoke presages a way to clear firmament and the energy footprint was intensely higher, improving the quality of air, that makes a way for a better and a cleaner environment.
  • It has been pointed out that the drastic variation in NO2 percentage of air pollutants reduced – and that was possible because of decrease in vehicle exhaust and industrial output emission in lock down.
  • The decrease in air-pollutants in the metropolis is indeed a boon for human beings as it is observed that the levels of NO2 in the air hovers in pre-Covid is akin to working in coal mines- may be one of the reasons that paves the way for the rapidity of Covid.
  • One of the most indispensable natural resources is the outskirts beaches of the sea, basically conducive for fishing, and other activities. Due to Lock down, overused of it is exempted and naturally the beaches are free from any environmental hazard.

It would be a great thing if the benefits of lockdown to the environment can be utilized even after the pandemic subsides for the well being of the mankind.

The negative aspects that are seen in the environment during lock down.

  • It is pointed out that the benefits will be short-lived after the normalcy restored.
  • The medical wastage will be increased due to the incongruous use of disinfectants which will result in environmental pollution.
  • The quarantine policy had increased the drastic use of home delivery, leading to significant household waste.
  • Moreover, sensing the opportunity land grabbers, illegal miners have been busier to extort the situation to the maximum level.

So, to conclude the lock down has benefited the environment but it would have been better if the benefits can be utilized even after the pandemic subsides.

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