In order to make the world prosperous place to live the emission of CO2 is a pivotal factor. It is indeed very true that in order to make the world prosperous place to live the emission of CO2 is a pivotal factor, be it in the sphere of household activities or in fashion industry. The thought process of fashion is changing with the changing situation but one thing must not be forgotten that the protection of environment is an essential factor and therefore the fashion industries should look into this matter in a thoughtful manner.

There is an urgent need in the fashion industry to implement significant steps to minimize its negative impact on the environment

In industrial sphere by and large endeavor to implement significant steps to minimize the menace and in this regard fashion industries, though meager in context are no exceptions. It is evident from research journals that fashion industries are responsible for some 3 billion emission of green house gas (GHG) which is almost a sizeable contribution for hampering the pathway of climate change, and if further constructive steps are not taken, for its abatement then deterioration lies in pathway.

It is presumed from the value chain process that irrespective of farms and factories, consumers to retailers they have to play a constructive role to subside the threat of carbon-emission and to bring about a change which is stable as well as congenial for the stability of the environment.

With the help of modern sophisticated technology the fashion industry can easily reduce the damage it is causing to our environment.

The following procedures may subdue the threat of emission hazard:

  • To accelerate energy efficiency movements, focusing primarily on the use of renewable energies, which can be done through operational movements and on subtle change of consumer’s behavioral pattern.
  • This method can be implemented through moderate cost as well as incentives.
  • Co-ordination is needed among brands and retailers to intensify value chain process for social environmental benefits, as well as consumers aiding consumers to make their sustainable choice.
  • Steps to be taken to minimize manufacturing waste and to improve the recycled process to their retail operations. Basically a conscious approach is required on the behavioral changes of the consumers. Closed – looped recycling is one of such factors that would lead to a conscious consumption and sustainability.
  • Synchronization between action and implementation of thought which would help to reduce carbon footprint from the fashion industries.

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