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The Bombay Bags Story with Jute Bags and Canvas Totes

Many years ago, it was almost impossible to find tote bags for sale in our Grocery Stores in Canada and USA. There were only the free plastic bags. These plastic bags were not only ugly and inconvenient to carry, they also were really bad for our environment. The environment consciousness of the people related to those free plastic bags was also very poor. And they were a common site on our beaches and parks. We started Bombay Bags in 2007 with this in mind. Soon we found great support from Oakridge Mall in Vancouver. They invited us to design a Tote bag for them that would be used for their Annual Fashion Show. It was our first big break. The Jute bag we developed for them became very popular among their customers. On popular demand they used a Jute Bag even in their 2008 Annual Fashion Show, which was also done by Bombay Bags. We received a lot of calls and emails from the Oakridge Mall customers who wanted to provide us their feedback on how happy they were with their Black Jute Bag.

During the last eight years we have added a lot of satisfied customers. Today we make high quality Tote bags with a lot of Natural fabrics like Jute, Cotton Canvas, JUCO, Silk, Organic Cotton etc. The natural fabrics are not only great for a sustainable environment, they also have a great fashion appeal. In the last eight years the Tote bags used in Canada and USA has evolved quite a bit. Customers today are more discrete in their choice for a Tote bag. There are few takers for the free and cheap non woven bags now a days. The looks of the Tote Bag, Bag Size and the Print Design are some of the top features people look for in a Tote Bag. On the whole, the average Tote Bag Consumer is looking for a quality product and don't want to be a walking billboard.

The following are some of the top features consumers are looking for in their Tote Bag:
  • Elegant looking and attractive Tote Bags

  • Convenient Handles for carrying heavy Grocery items

  • Made from Eco-friendly material

  • The Tote bag is Reusable

  • The Tote Bag can be Recycled

  • Multi-purpose use for their Tote Bag

  • Durable and long-lasting canvas fabric

  • The Tote bag should be easy to fold and be carried when not in use

We manufacture all kinds of Tote bags such as:
  • Jute Bags

  • Canvas Totes

  • Promotional Bags

  • Shopping Bags

  • Grocery Bags

  • Tote Bags

  • Fashion Bags

  • Ladies Hand Bags

  • Gift Bags

  • Jute Wine Bags

Most of our customers are in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton (Canada) and Seattle, New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angles (USA)

Jute Canvas Tote as a Sustainable and Fashion Product

The Jute fabric is also known as Burlap or Hessian in North America. Since Jute material in North American has been traditionally used for Industrial and Agricultural packaging. The average consumer is more familiar with the Burlap rugs which is a coarse Jute material.

Jute is a rain-fed crop with little need for fertilizer. Jute plants grow so close to each other that no pest can survive in there so there no need for pesticides or insecticides for growing Jute crops. This makes Jute the most organic fiber. Being a natural fiber, Jute is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Thus the bags from this fiber are very environment friendly bags.

Another great thing about Jute Canvas fabric is that it requires no Chemical Bleaching for weaving or dying. After harvesting the fabric staples from the plants, the fabric staples have to be bleached in order to make them wearable. But the Jute Staples are long by nature so they require absolutely no Chemical Bleaching. This aspect makes the Jute Canvas Totes very gentle on skin and especially for those prone to allergies. And also makes sure that Jute Tote bags have minimal impact on the environment of both the place they are manufactured and the place they get used.

The high quality Jute Canvas we use is a fabric with very high fashion appeal. The fabric has a very natural look and yet looks absolutely finished and high end. The Jute Canvas fiber weave is a little coarse and uneven and this gives it a very natural and green bag kind of feeling. Another feature is that the Jute Totes can maintain their structure in free air and are very durable and convenient to carry lot of stuff.