Bombay Bags - Jute and Canvas Totes
Tote Bags Customized Totes Services

Custom Bag Size / Shape /Design: We can modify any bag you like on our website to confirm to your requirements for a particular size or shape pr Design. We accept your own mock ups and can develop a bag from it.
Sample Development: We can assist you in developing a live sample from your mock up. Depending on the outcome of your mockup we can proceed further.
Custom Logo Printing: We do print these bags in your Logo. We specialize in Screen Printing, Pigment Printing, Hot plate Printing etc.
Custom Tag: We can manufacture the tag as per your requirement and can stitch or attach these tags to the bags of your choice. We specialize in Paper Tags, Printed Cloth Tags, Woven Tags etc.
Old Bag Disposal: We can dispose your old bags in a bio friendly manner.
Custom Clearance: We can take care of getting the bags Custom Cleared in your country.
Express Delivery: We can get the products we manufacture to your place at a very short notice. We do entertain requests for urgent requirements.
Just ask for it: In case you need something that has not been mentioned here just ask for it. We would be more than happy to accommodate your requirements.