Difference in Plain Cotton and Cotton Canvas Fabric

Most of the Tote Bag Sellers list their Cotton Bags as a canvas bag. Even though there is a difference in the Cotton Fabric and the Canvas Fabric. Based on how these names are used it creates a lot of confusion for the Tote Bag user and the Tote Bag sellers.

Canvas is a fabric with Tight weave and diagonal weave (Strong bias). Canvas Fabric usually is Diagonal texture on one side, smoother on the other. The Shrinkage is very high in Canvas Material.  The Canvas can be made of Cotton, Hemp or other natural or poly fabrics.

The Plain Cotton Fabric is made from unbleached cotton thread with Light regular weave. Since the thread is unbleached and natural the weave may be uneven and looks very natural.

Let us also examine the difference in Plain Cotton Fabric and Cotton Canvas Fabric:

Plain Cotton Cotton Canvas
Material Plain Cotton Cloth is  made from unbleached cotton. Cotton Canvas Cloth is made of strong think cotton fabric that may be bleached or unbleached
Weave Plain weave – over and under weave Diagonal Weave – Series of parallel diagonal ribs
Texture Uneven, may contain spots of natural seed Diagonal texture on one side, smoother on the other. May contain spots of natural seed
Weight Light Weight Medium Weight
Shrinkage Small percentage shrinkage in Plan Cotton Fabric Usually the Natural cotton Canvas has a lot of shrinkage unless it is made of processed Cotton Fabric
Durability durable cloth that is washable and will wear in over time becoming very soft and comfy Durable, Soft & Even  and resistance to wrinkles – this makes it great for upholstery, Clothing and Tote Bags. Cotton Canvas is usually not the best for Washing
Soil Level Easily gets soiled after use Since the Canvas weave is tight not easy to get soiled. And can be easily spot cleaned
Other Variants & Names Cotton duck fabrics Cotton Twill, Denim, Cotton Drill

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