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Why you need a High Quality Promotional Tote Bag for your business promotion

A lot of business use an inexpensive tote bag made of a poly material called Non Woven. Non Woven is nothing but another type of plastic material that is think and more durable than out regular plastic bags. The regular plastic bags are made by mold casting process and the Non-woven tote bags are made by stitching the non-woven sheet swatches. That is the reason the non-woven tote bags do look like the fabric tote bags. But the non-woven material is not a fabric and hence the name ‘non-woven’. Because non-woven is not a woven fabric material but a sheet made of viscous plastic material.

The greatest drawback of the Non-woven bags is that these bags are designed for single use as well. More than 90% people who receive a free non-woven bag never reuse it. Only a few people reuse these bags. The main reason for that is these bags are not fashion oriented and make the people look like walking bill boards. Most people are not proud of the ownership of these bags so they never end up carrying them. Another reason is the non-woven bags lose their crisp looks after 1-2 uses, and without this crisp look these bags look really dull. If a non-woven bag gets used only 1-2 times then its environmental impact is even greater than the regular plastic bags.

A high quality bag instead makes people the proud owner of the bag. And they are far more likely to reuse it. This is the best return for your marketing dollars. At Bombay Bags we focus on making the bags that people love to carry around. If a bag is going to sit in the garage then it is not fulfilling its purpose of existence as a bag.

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