Quick test for your Tote Bag

Lets do a quick test of your Tote Bag! I promise it will be fun.

Lots of time people ask us if we have got the best Tote bag for our promotion. Is this the best tote bag for my store? Is this the best Grocery tote bag for my business?  How do I be sure?

It is a very difficult question but the answer is so easy to find. So here is the Secret:

Would you love to carry around this Tote bag in your personal life?
Do customers feel excited when they first receive or buy your Tote bag?
Are a lot of customers bringing their reusable Tote bag back to the store for shopping?

If the answer to all the above is ‘YES’ then you have nailed it. Believe me I have seen multi-millionaires do cheeky things to get a free promotional bag. It is not the money thing it is how something attracts someone. That is the secret of selecting the right promotional bag for your promotions be it a Hotel Tote Bag, Pet Store Bag, Grocery Tote Bag, or your office promo.