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Make efforts to grow the relationship

Relationships that we form in our life help us grow our own self. Relationships transform us so we can enjoy our lives in a better way. They help us grow our inner self and makes us stronger.

Even though we are aware that relationships take effort and are not automatic. Still we get lost in our day to day and forget about making any conscious efforts into relationships. The happiest people think that this is one of the top things that they do consciously and that is so rewarding – making efforts to form new relationships and nurture existing ones.

Relationships demand strength and that is exact what they make you – strong. You have to trust, forgive and give up on being egoist. Also you have to give a lot of freedom – this is the only way to grow what the help of a relationship. Freedom helps you to introduce you to newness in life. Here are a few things we need to do consciously to keep our relationships growing:

1. Focus of the good in that relationship
2. Keep different relationships separate – don’t mingle them
3. Free them up- don’t judge or force them into something
4. Be constantly giving in your relationship – so the other also gains
5. Don’t end any relationship on a bad note – forgive and wish the best for the other.
6. Reconnect with the forgotten ones – don’t wait for the other to contact you first.

Here is a very good article on “7 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Growing” by Christina Antonyan

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