Bridge to Wisdom

Are you wiser today or you have just endured ageing?

Lets do a quick test! Rate yourself 1-10 on all the following metrics:

  1. Something hurts our ego and we can go on an all out war. Something makes us feel so good and we can go high on ego. How much control you have on your ego?
  2. Things are happening everyday – some desirable and some undesirable. Are you reactive or have patience in case of unwanted things?
  3. People are going to hurt you and harm you; that’s life. Are you Forgiving?
  4. Life is continuously evolving and ever changing. What was considered the best way of doing things in the days gone may be seen as incorrect today, especially by the younger people. Are you a flexible person in dealing with new ways of doing things in life?
  5. Staying positive is the most important factor that makes people successful in whatever they do or want in life.  How strong is your belief in the fact ‘Everything that happens is for good’?
  6. Kindness is the currency that runs our world and makes us rich. Are you kind to people who are annoying and mean?
  7. As people age they can easily become crippled with negativity, defeat and sadness. Some people have evolved very good mental processes that help them quickly overcome negativity, ignore defeat and find a reason to be happy again. Do you feel a deep happiness in your life?
  8. The beauty of our life is that it is unpredictable. And this does make us feel insecure and more so when we are not in the top of our physical abilities. Are you insecure in your life or you trust yourself (or god).
  9. We cannot accept others if we have not accepted our own self. And we cannot love others if we don’t love our own self. Are you in harmony with your own self?
  10. We cannot feel the love and positive energy transmitted by others until we start transmitting love and positive well-being to all around us. Do you transmit Love all around yourself?
  11. Do you still take small actions to make things happen in your life?

Max Score=110
Score Less than 77 => Now you know what it takes. Small steps everyday sets things into motion. First few days or weeks you see little to no progress and then suddenly you start making leaps. Just being aware and by keep making efforts everyday you are set for success. Good Moments everyday!
Score 77+ => You are on the Path to wisdom. Just a few steps away!
Score 88+ => You are just close enough. Almost there!
Score 99+ => You just have to knock the door now!  You can soon hit 100%!