Ageing Gracefully – Anti-aging Tips and Tricks

Everything that is created is slowly moving towards its demise. That is a simple fact of life. We can for sure someday find a way to reverse that. Because everything that moves in one direction can move in the other direction too. We can then be in a pendulum aging pattern where we age first and then slowly de-age,  then repeat this for a few times before the ultimate demise. Weather we ever find that deaging method or not, still if we cannot age gracefully then the real point is missed.

The biggest causality of aging is not our physical body but our relationships. Most people focus on building a wealth nest for their grey years. But no one tells you that even with ok health and no money problems still most old people are not happy. That is because most older folks have to spend a lot of their lifetime in loneliness and in loveless relationships. Keep making new meaningful friendship relationships is more important than anything else.

Here are four things we start losing from our childhood. In our Youth we still possess a lot of it. But as we age more we lose more of our ability to:

  • Flexibility – Physical and Mental
  • Curiosity
  • Presence of Mind
  • Purging unhelpful memories

Here are five things that are backed by science as per the radio 103.5 QMFM

  • Eat Drink smoke – put everything in your body in moderation
  • Learn new things – keep your brain active
  • Build stronger relationships – continuously make new friends
  • Give back to your community – both money and time
  • Keep active – exercise moderately, meditate every day for 10+mins and walk regularly