Supporting Independent Grocery Stores

We all try to support independent Grocery Stores as much as possible. In today’s corporate world, the hard work and determination of  independent business owners is admirable.

But it makes great sense to buy from independent grocery. One of the best advantages is that there is a lot of variety of food products. And there are a lot of locally sourced merchandise from small local producers.

The Large corporate chains cannot easily buy from the small local producers. The Local producers don’t have enough resources to reach the large corporations because of various barriers. And the biggest of these barriers is the costing. Large producers can take advantage of the global pricing and lower labour costs in other parts of the globe, govt tax grants etc . Also the corporate managers are not as personally connected with their suppliers and producers as the small independent stores.

The Independent Grocery Store owners put a lot of time and effort into each individual product. They personally feel each of the products they sell through their stores. This means that a lot of good variety and niche products at the independent stores.  Shopping independent also gives the ability to make sure you’re shopping ethically.