Do Tote Bags help stop Global Warming

Each time you use Tote Bag, you have saved two plastic bags. The equation cannot be more simple than that. If your Totebag is used for 100 times over its lifetime then you have saved 200 plastic bags.

Having 4-5 different favorite tote bags that work the best for different purposes is the way to go. Some Tote Bags are great for heavy lifting like carrying juice boxes etc from the grocery stores. Some work as a Library Books Tote,  the best for your books to the school or library or your study together with friends. And don’t forget the Totebag you are going to take with you when you are going to the evening dinner.

Style and function are both equally important for the Tote Bags. If there is no style you are least likely to use it for more than few times. And if the function is missing same thing will happen. I have my favourite Tote Bags which I use only on a very special day. There has to be fun in whatever I do. And same think goes for my Tote Bags.

Does this strategy help in Global Warming? Hell yes! If you are using tote bags everywhere think how much plastic you have saved from going to our landfills. And how many less plastic bags are produced. Every little effort counts.

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