Why can we NOT find a simple solution to weight loss

Body Fat is a very complex issue that is why there is no simple solution to it. Body fat is caused by a lot of issues.  Here is an incomplete list

  1. Improper Indigestion
  2. Emotional distress
  3. Stress habit formation in body
  4. Over eating
  5. Less body activity
  6. Improper body posture

An easy solution that will work on most of these issues – Home made and free of charge

  1. Drink warm water with some soaked green tea – 5 to 6 cups min or 10 cups ideally. Each cup 330ml (same as a soft drink tin can). Any green tea will do, it does not have to be special or expensive. But you should try different flavours on different days so you don’t get bored. Fill a hot water thermos and carry it to work.
  2. Neck Stretching exercises. Neck accumulates a lot of stress build up in the human body. Especially in people with more office type work. Simple 3 min stretching – 2-3 times a day. As you do it for a few days you will soon feel the difference and may do it more.
  3. Walk 6000 to 8000 steps. Walking uses almost all the body joints and muscles. It is a great balancer of nervous system and blood pressure. And also a great calorie burner and distresses the body and mind. And it also resolve the Improper body posture to some extent. With almost no risk of injury. Buy a fitness tracker like Mi 2 if you need some motivation and tracking.
  4. Do you think food? Do you need to measure your calorie intake? Do you need a phone app that tells you when to stop eating? YES! YES! YES! Your connection to your own body is not working fully.  For a well connected mind body will tell you when to stop. Your senses will start repelling food. You will not want to eat anymore on your own. It is so natural. Getting back that rhythm is not hard but takes a few weeks. It will be too much for this article. You need to meet a mind-body connect consultant.