Is plastic Bag a Convenience or Laziness or Lack of our creativity

It is not easy to remember to carry your Tote Bag when you are leaving home. People do want to carry their bag around. We are mostly mindful of the impact the plastic bags have on our environment. And it is not easy to carry the plastic bags. The only thing that is good about the the plastic bag is that they are available right there whenever you need them. But it is convenience? Or may be it is Laziness! How about lack of creativity?

The corporate mind needs quick results. And it knows that it is not going be there by the time the big sweep would be necessary. And who is going to reward you for the results that you are going to show up only after a few years. And facing the accountability of the small failures in between.

Easy option is to make a quick cheap tote bag. A ‘mark-the-checklist’ store tote bag. And the job is done. An opportunity is lost.

A great tote bag attracts people to carry it around. The quality of tote makes them its proud owners. And soon it is their favorite item to carry around. So many less plastic bags  going to our oceans and landfills and forests.

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